Active Meetings

The aim of this project was to reinvigorate the way we operate meetings as a department to best use our time and support our staff through a collaborative vision that encourages people to have purposeful conversations about work-related issues.

Our department partnered with essentials of care to help support development of our new meeting operation using an appreciative inquiry framework and elements of lean methodology. Participants stand around a dashboard and are encouraged to contribute and interact throughout the meeting by a facilitator and respond to actions that include shared responsibility.

Meetings are timed and energy is generated through the structure and provision to engage active participants rather than enforce traditional passive roles. Our staff have identified a greater sense of ‘team’ through collaboration, engagement, communication and being able to get things done in real time. Productivity has improved with significant time efficiencies and actions being responded to weekly.

Award Recipient: Preparing for our future is vital

Nurses are the largest cohort of professionals who play a critical role in the delivery of healthcare (Mills et al 2016). An ageing workforce and high rates of nursing turnover have created vulnerabilities that can result in workforce shortages (Buffington et al 2012).

The aim of the project was to deliver a comprehensive professional development program at Port Macquarie Base Hospital (PMBH) to support critical care nurses to further develop advanced critical care skills and promote the retention of critical care-trained nursing staff.

The goal was to achieve this by January 2019 through:

  • Development of a Critical Care rotation program
  • Targeted Critical Care education workshops
  • Learning opportunities fostering professional development, job satisfaction and wellbeing.

The project delivered:

  • A flexible highly-skilled workforce with ability to work across multiple units within PMBH
  • Increased recruitment and retention
  • Improved employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Strengthened interdepartmental relationships.

The methods have proven to be a valuable strategy for recruitment, retention and developing the workforce.