Evaluating a school-based physical activity initiative: KM Club

School-based physical activity interventions can reduce the risk of children being overweight and obese. In 2019 the Mid North Coast Health Promotion team undertook a mixed-method evaluation of a school-based physical activity program Kilometre (KM) Club.

The aim of the project was to examine effects of KM Club on school children’s steps and examine factors which influence acceptability and feasibility.

The outcome was that physical activity of the KM Club participants increased with children running 10 per cent more steps per day then Non-KM Club participants.

Award Recipient: It takes a village AND a grant to build healthy communities

The Healthy Communities Mid North Coast (HCMNC) Innovation Fund (Innovation Fund) offers small grants to community groups to enhance health and wellbeing.

The aim of the project was to stimulate and support community-driven preventive health initiatives to improve health and wellbeing.

Two rounds of the Innovation Fund have been allocated to various community groups to implement preventive-health projects in financial years 2018-19 and 2019-20. There’s also a commitment to fund two additional rounds.

Of the 74 funded projects across 34 Mid North Coast communities, the preliminary findings from Round One were:

  • Innovation Fund enabled 89 per cent of recipients to meet project objectives
  • 75 per cent of projects reached the target audience
  • 57 per cent of projects impacted the target audience.

The Innovation Fund empowers community groups to implement preventive health initiatives that meet the health priorities of their community.