Award Recipient: Mid North Coast Paediatric Inpatient Eating Disorder Program

Eating disorders have the highest rate of mortality and morbidity of all mental illnesses and significant service gaps at the Mid North Coast have been identified.

The aim of the project was to improve access for children and adolescents with eating disorders to local evidence-based inpatient treatment.

The working group for children and adolescents with eating disorders developed a local admission pathway and procedure based on NSW Health guidelines. The program is supported through Tertiary Outreach services and online/face-to-face multidisciplinary training.

The project delivered the following results:

  • Improvement of staff confidence, knowledge and awareness of eating disorders
  • Significant increase in eating disorder admissions
  • Implementation of multidisciplinary case conferences, family meetings and outreach in all admissions.

The results show that evidence-based treatment for paediatric eating disorders can successfully be provided locally with specialist tertiary support. Health outcomes are improved due to earlier identification and treatment, significantly reducing the burden of treatment for families who previously needed to travel to tertiary centres.