Category Winner: Cultural Safety in Drug and Alcohol Service Provision

The program concentrates on increasing cultural safety for Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol clients. Through an innovative professional development program created by Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol staff, training is centred around cultural awareness and cultural competency to meet the needs of the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Non-Aboriginal colleagues participating in the program gain a deeper understanding of cultural practices and issues that may impact on service delivery. This empowers them with a skill set to liaise with Aboriginal organisations, understand Aboriginal language better and have a greater appreciation for cultural appropriateness of the physical environment.

Gaubarrigam – Coming Together

This multi-disciplinary program aims to reduce social isolation, increase sensory stimulation and improve oral intake for palliative care patients. Reflecting an individual’s daily experiences, patients join together in preparing breakfast, or attending the dining room to share food and socialise. Through this program, clinicians assess and provide care with a focus on activities of daily living in a non-clinical setting.

Since it began in 2017, Breakfast Club has been attended by more than 600 patients who overwhelmingly express improvements in pain, mood, fatigue and quality of life.

Breakfast Club provides an opportunity to come together and share in the delights of life.

Maam Darruyaygamba – A Place of Wellbeing

Maam Darruyaygamba at Coffs Harbour Health Campus provides culturally-tailored support, information and referral for Aboriginal patients, families and visitors. This collaborative project involved local Aboriginal Elders and Aboriginal staff in the layout and design of the centre and reached out to local Gumbaynggirr students whose artwork now adorns the entranceway to the building.

Maam Darruyaygamba means ‘place of wellbeing’, and is a space that offers privacy and confidentiality in a culturally safe and secure environment. It was officially opened in December 2018 and is located within the hospital’s main courtyard where it is easily accessible to patients, visitors and staff.